About Us

Hello, I’m Jenn and I’m your Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia but happy to travel anywhere in the world.

Capturing the important moments of your life is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. I have been a photographer for 15 years as of this year (2022).

My husband James works with me on weekends, we are a photography team that fits perfectly together. He loves playing hide and seek, making funny noises or juggling to make children laugh. He is there to capture all those candid moments at your wedding and is a baby whisperer. Together, we capture all of your moments perfectly.

Let’s create some magic together!

I am very open about our fertility journey to start our family, you can click the link below to read all about it. We lost our baby on 11-20-19, the grief that followed was unreal, now we continue our journey and wait for our rainbow to come. I however am a proud mommy to an angel. Everyone has a story and I would love to capture yours.

If you would like to learn about us and our journey, here is my blog:



  1. Sonia Lawrence

    I don’t want to take away from your loss but I lost too. I understand that feeling. It’s never easy but angels are among us. I would love to book. I’m a good friend of Rebecca MacIntyre.


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