Halloween comes to York Redoubt

Since my husband and I started dating, I have been introducing him to horror movies. He never saw pretty much any horror movies before and anyone that knows me knows how much I love horror movies.

I love the old school horror movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. My favourite serial killer is Michael Myers and that is the movie my husband liked the most out of all of the movies we have watched together.

The last couple years on Halloween, we would dress up and sit outside to pass out our candy. Our neighbours Emily & Mary do the same. They always have the most incredible pumpkins craved as different characters from movies. We got to talking and discovered that they share our love for horror movies (well, Mary is like James… they watch them mostly because Emily and myself love them).

Halloween 2019 Emily dressed up as Michael Myers. She had a mask exactly like the one in the latest Halloween movie that was released in 2018. Ever since that night, it had James brainstorming ideas to shoot a horror movie session.

We held our fall mini sessions at York Redoubt in October 2020. While exploring it, we noticed a cool old brick building, and it just looked like a great spot to have a horror movie session. The plans then began. James contacted Dylan, Rebecca and Evan to see if they would be interested in being our “models” for the shoot. They were pumped, next was to get Emily on board. Emily was quick to say yes and excited.

The day came that we were going to do the shoot and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was cloudy, foggy, damp day. It looked eerie and scary. We had so much fun, it came together perfectly.

Behind the scenes photos:

Rebecca’s scenes:

Evan’s Scenes:

Dylan’s Scenes:

A few different scenes of them all together:

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