30 Years & Just Married!

2020 has been one heck of a year on everyone. We are in the midst of COVID-19 world pandemic, there has been lockdown, quarantine, self isolation and much more BUT being forced to stay home to keep safe has brought families closer, spending more time together and realizing how precious life really is.

My aunt Brenda found the love of her life 30 years ago, Dennis. Dennis’ kids welcomed Brenda in as their step mother, and they welcomed their own son Aaron in 1999, they built a beautiful life together.

They were engaged for many years, but never planned a wedding. After months into COVID, they decided they wanted to get married, just a small wedding with family. It surprised us all but we were so happy!

The wedding was beautiful, it was a bit chilly and windy but couldn’t have been more perfect. Her two brothers walked her up the aisle where their son Aaron stood by his father’s side as his best man. Her sister Hazel was their Justice of the Peace.

I know that my grandparents were there spirit. I had an image in my mind that I wanted to capture, I wanted to include a wedding photo of my grandparents into Brenda’s bridal portraits.

While she was getting ready I took some shots of her earrings which were my nan’s, her dress and bouquet. Once ready I took her outside for bridal portraits, I got her to hold the photo without looking at it for a shot, then flip it over to get her reaction and capture that emotion.

One huge highlight of the night was her sister Hazel’s surprise for them. Anyone who knows Brenda (and both of her sisters), Johnny Reid is their favourite singer/person in the entire world.

Well Hazel reached out to Jennifer (Johnny’s wife), and they filmed a congratulatory video introducing their first dance “Rest of my life” by Johnny! She was completely surprised and overwhelmed with emotion.

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that we all need to slow down, spend more time with our family making memories because life really is too short and unpredictable.

Enjoy some of these gorgeous images of their wedding.

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