How to choose your Newborn Photographer

You are expecting a new bundle of joy! This is the perfect time to start planning their newborn session. Your baby will only be that tiny for such a short time, it is important to capture them during that time to remember those small tiny details.

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When choosing a newborn photographer it should be based on experience, quality of work and safety for your baby.

The safety of your newborn is by far the most important factor when choosing your photographer. I’ve been a photographer for 13 years and have photographed many babies, all mostly lifestyle sessions.

3 years ago I decided I wanted to put my all into learning and educating myself about newborn photography. I have taken many courses such as In home Newborn, Client Workflow, Family Posing, Posing with Props, Newborn Twins and Wrapping. All of the courses also teach safety in posing and handling the newborn baby. I continue to learn daily and upgrade my education.


There is so much more involved with newborn photography then simply picking up a camera and taking photos. I feel it is very important to have education and training on how to pose the baby properly while making sure they are safe.

There are two different styles of newborn photography:

  • Posed Newborn Sessions: when your sleeping baby is gently guided into adorable curled up poses, snuggly wrapped, and placed into cute props. These sessions are usually in studio.
  • Lifestyle Newborn Sessions: the focus is primary on the connections and love between the family with their new baby. These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home with minimal props.


The best time to book your session is for your due date, then it can be adjusted when baby arrives. Within the first few weeks when your baby is squishy, bendy, tiny and sleepy is the perfect time. We typically suggest 5-10 days old but we have photographed newborns up to 20 days old.

When you start looking for your newborn photographer, please consider Tailgate Photography. You can see all of our packages on our website under “Pricing” and samples of our work under “Newborn”.










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