Engaged…. now what?

You’re engaged… now what? Where to start planning? Is it too early to start booking venues, photographer etc?

The answer is NO. It is never too early to start booking exactly who or what you want for your wedding. Photographers and Venues tend to book 1.5-2 years in advance.

Let’s talk wedding photography. I’m not just going to say this because I am a photographer but your wedding photos are one of the most important aspects.

I’ve been a wedding/portrait photographer for 13 years now and 3 years ago my vision changed. I got married the end of 2016 and in the first few months of 2017 I lost both my stepdad and grandmother. The last images I have of them is my wedding, I have a few formal portraits but not near enough images of them.

That experience has changed how I look at life and my photography. I have always put my all into my work but I feel like I put even more than that into it now. I strive to capture every single moment as it unfolds.

I met my husband almost 5 years ago now and he has made Tailgate Photography even stronger. He is the perfect business partner, editor and photographer. We work perfectly as a team, he knows exactly what to capture and he favors capturing all the candid moments that you don’t even know are happening.

Our goal is to give you the chance to re-live all your favorite moments from your wedding over and over again. The magic we will create together will leave you in awe of your images.

We LOVE different, we have done traditional weddings, beach weddings, surprise weddings and we even got hired by a friend of the bride and groom to surprise them at their elopement as their photographers!

We have 4 different packages but also like to work with couples to customize packages. If you are getting married this year, 2021 or 2022 email us. We would love to chat, meet and maybe even be your wedding photographers!






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James and I own Tailgate Photography and The Daily Musician.