Family is Everything

This is my first kind of personal blog. Photos have always been a big thing in my family, any gathering we had there were always 3-4 cameras around, every Christmas Eve we did family photos before everyone parted ways for the night. I have always had a camera in my hand since I was little with my ninja turtle camera, snapping photos of everything and everyone. I know on more than one occasion I have driven someone in my family crazy taking photos of them but a photo is a memory you get to keep forever.

I always knew how important it was to have your photos taken, one of the reason I became a photographer was to be able to capture all those important moments in people’s lives. Weddings, newborns, graduation, all those important events along with capturing family sessions. This year has made all of this even more important to me. I look at everything differently, I cherish the moments I get to capture for people, it warms my heart to see the love between parents and their newborn; kids getting photos done with grandma before she leaves; a bride getting ready to marry the love of her life. I’ve always loved capturing that but now I appreciate every single client more, I am blessed to be their family photographer, honored to be part of their wedding and all around lucky to snuggle all of the babies.

My husband and I got married December 31st, 2016; during our honeymoon we got a call from my aunt to tell me my stepdad fell and broke his neck. Instantly I wanted to come home, but he and my mom said no there was nothing we could do. Fast forward 3 months in the Halifax hospital on April 6th, I lost my stepdad. The man that raised me the last 26 years, who couldn’t have been a better dad to me and husband to my mother.

My Nan Diane had COPD for awhile, she has been on oxygen for a couple years but nothing stopped her from attending our wedding. One month and 2 days after the loss of my stepdad, my Nan passed away May 8th. I lived with my Nan for 20 years, we did everything together. I was always Nan’s girl and that will never change.

I wanted to share my personal struggle I went through this year because it makes you realize how short life is. It makes you realize you should cherish every moment with your loved ones, you can never give too many hugs, always tell them you love them and you can NEVER take too many photos.

One of my favorite quotes is from the famous Dr. Seuss “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”.

That is the truth. I was very blessed to be able to have my stepdad and Nan attend my wedding, we had family photos taken not knowing those are the last memories we would have captured. I am blessed to have got to say my goodbyes and hold their hand.

If you can take anything from this blog, remember to capture those special moments and cherish every day with those you love.

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I’ve been happily photographing weddings and portraits for 16 years and counting
I love what I do. I’m a hopeless romantic that believes in fairytales and happily ever after, I’m a big dreamer and a storyteller.

I've been happily married to my husband James for almost 7 years. He shoots with me every chance he gets.


  1. Anonymous

    So nicely written, Jenn. My darling brother was a wonderful, kind man who was always there for everyone.l miss him every day as all our family will always.Why are the good ones taken when they are so needed??? Thankyou for all the pictures and kind words,& keep up your good work.xoxo. Love Louis & Betty


  2. Anonymous

    I hope you received my reply , Jenn as I’ m not too good with the computer ..All the best — Betty Talbot


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